Getting busy…

Today I signed up for blogging 101.

My writing has never been good. In fact , I still wonder how I ever got through high school and college. Crazy and Sad. But, I did develop a love for writing in college. College was the first time I ever felt like a student.  Psst, I remember reading my first chapter book in college. Academics was never important in my family. So, I never reached my full potential as a student (hints my grammar).

I had dropped out of college to work full time to help raise our kids.I tried to do both. I Worked graveyard shifts, thinking, I could make it to class in the morning. Working 10pm to 7am, then statistics at 9:30am to 11am and Business Law at 11am to 12:30pm. I lasted the quarter, but my grades did not. Tired and having poor grades, I lost my passion for writing and dropped out of school.

Two years later, the day I deleted my Facebook account. I began looking for another social media site that…. Would be inspiring. I found I cannot even begin to express the feeling I would get after I read a beautifully written story. Developing Dads… (My favorite). That man (author) has a way with words,  his stories would fill my heart with joy and inspire me (thanks Joe)… Then it hit me, like a smack on the forehead (like that crazy V8 commercial). I wanted to write. Shoot, I’m excited to write again. I hope to improve in my writing or at least have some fun…

“You’re never too old to invest in yourself” (My Wife). I love you Weanie.


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